February 15-26. The vPlus Festival is an online festival from Potential Plus UK, full of workshops, webinars and discussions for young people with enquiring minds, their families and schools.


What About Me? Self-Care for Uncertain Times – Rowan Bendall – Parent Session

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What About Me? Self-Care for Uncertain Times – Rowan Bendall – Parent Session

Parent Session

2020-2021 has presented many challenges.  Change, uncertainty, the loss of “normal”, isolation, being cooped up with intense family, emotional build-ups, lack of support networks, boredom, loss of routine, unreasonable expectations.  It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day repetition of family life, but now more than ever it is essential, for ourselves and for our families, that we parents make time and space in our busy lives to bring some balance, recharge our energy, and refresh ourselves – ready to take on the world and be the best parents we can be!

With an emphasis on the high learning potential household, especially with a bit of dual or multiple exceptionality thrown in, Rowan will share with you some of the ideas, techniques and little moments you can add to your day, that will help you to find a little personal satisfaction, intellectually and emotionally. You will be able to take away practical ideas to help you reconnect with often intellectually and emotionally intense children, ways to keep your own worries in perspective, and to find your own balance and calm.

Session Presenter

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Rowan Bendall

Having flown aeroplanes for the last 20 years, Rowan found herself without gainful employment at the beginning of the pandemic. She has redesigned her life from the ground up and has now knitted herself a new career drawing upon her experience as a trainer and facilitator, her interests in psychology and learning, and her appreciation of living with the day-to-day quirks and challenges of raising two kids with dual or multiple exceptionality in a high learning potential family. She is now freelancing as a facilitator, trainer, resourcer, life, employment and personal development coach and recruiter.

Event Hours(1)

  • Tues 23rd Feb

    20.00 - 21.00

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