February 15-26. The vPlus Festival is an online festival from Potential Plus UK, full of workshops, webinars and discussions for young people with enquiring minds, their families and schools.


Watching the Daisies Grow? The Extraordinary Childhood of a Quiet Genius – Paul Morris – Family Session

Watching Daisies in the Field - Detail of a oen and ink sketch of Alan Turing as a child leaning over to inspect a daisy growing in a field, placed on a background of grass

Watching the Daisies Grow? The Extraordinary Childhood of a Quiet Genius – Paul Morris – Family Session

Family Session

Drop in on the childhood and school life of World War 2 codebreaking hero and computing genius Alan Turing. What was life like a century ago as a young person with Asperger Syndrome? Discover how Alan’s insistence on marching to the beat of his own quiet drum led to his saving millions of lives and ushering in our Computer Age. And just what did a boy genius borrow from the school library…?

Session Presenter

Paul Morris

Paul Morris

Paul Morris’s published books include history-mystery adventure Time Traveller Danny and the Codebreaker, featuring codebreaking genius Alan Turing, and chart-topping poetry book Beyond the Morning Sun released in support of services charity Combat Stress. He has judged in national writing competitions, edited several books including fiction, poetry and academic works, and is an educational consultant.

Event Hours(1)

  • Tues 23rd Feb

    18.00 - 19.00

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