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Conservative Revolution: Paradox or Possibility – Jake Scott – Ages 11-14

Woodcut of a 18th? century politician, title of conservative revolution course

Conservative Revolution: Paradox or Possibility – Jake Scott – Ages 11-14

Political Theory in Action - Ages 11-14

The purpose of this presentation is two-fold: first, to demonstrate to an audience of any age the applicability of political theory to the real-world, and what political theorists do on a daily basis; and second, in terms of that demonstration, to explore the possibility of a conservative revolution in the thought of Edmund Burke, and what that means for conservatism today.

Session Presenter

Jake Scott

Jake Scott

Jake Scott is a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Birmingham, specialising in populism and political theory. He is the editor of the online publication the Mallard, and has a history of advising political figures and politicians, and delivering talks to organisations on the topic of conservatism.

Event Hours(1)

  • Wed 17th Feb

    14.00 - 15.00

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